SmarterTrack 12.x Help

Who's On Filters

With Who's On filters, administrators and agents have the ability to segregate website and/or portal visitors into groups based on the pages they are viewing. For example, sales agents may only be interested in visitors on product pages or people who are progressing through your shopping cart, while marketing agents may be interested in visitors on specific landing pages that were used for promotions or in currently-running advertisements on radio, television, banner ad campaigns or PPC.

Who's On filters can be added directly within the Who's On section. To add a filter or edit an existing one, click the Who's On icon. A list of existing filters will be displayed within the By Filter folder. In the navigation pane toolbar, click the Actions menu button. The following options are available:

  • Add Filter - Creates a Who's On filter.
  • Edit Filter - Allows the administrator to make changes to a filter's settings. The filter name must be selected in order to edit.
  • Delete Filter - Permanently deletes the selected filter. The filter name must be selected in order to delete.

When adding or editing a filter, the following tabs are available:


Use this tab to edit the following settings:

  • Filter Name - The name of the filter.
  • Brand Filter - The brand to which the filter is assigned. If the filter should apply to all brands, select None.


Use this tab to specify how this filter will group visitors (by browser, city, hits, etc.). When viewing this tab, the following options are available from the toolbar:

  • Save - Allows the administrator to save changes made to a filter's settings.
  • Add Condition - Allows the administrator to add filter criteria.
  • Edit - Allows the administrator to make changes to filter criteria.
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the selected condition(s).
  • Cancel - Cancels the creation of the filter.