SmarterTrack 6.x Help

Understanding Multi-language Support in SmarterTrack

In a global economy and marketplace many companies face challenges disseminating information to customers in several languages while controlling costs. While the ideal solution may be to have multi-lingual speakers in every service department to effectively help customers around the world or to hire human translators to translate every Knowledge Base article, such solutions usually are not feasible nor cost-effective.

With support for nearly 60 different languages, SmarterTrack makes it easy to communicate with customers on a global level. Multi-language support is provided through:

  • Language packs
  • Translatable strings
  • Live chat translation
  • Online help translation
For step-by-step instructions on configuring the SmarterTrack interface to support multiple languages, please refer to the KB article How To -- Set Up SmarterTrack to Support Multiple Languages.

Language Packs

Language packs are used to translate the SmarterTrack interface into another language and can be downloaded from the SmarterTrack Download page.

Translatable Strings

Some phrases and words may not be available for translation through a specific language pack. When this happens, system administrators can use translatable strings to define these phrases and words. For example, a U.S. company with customers in Spain may create a translatable string to translate the company's department names (billing, sales, etc.) into Spanish (facturacion, ventas, etc.).

Live Chat Translation

Businesses with multi-lingual employees can automatically route live chat in different languages to the appropriate agent by assigning languages to departments. Businesses that do not have multi-lingual employees can use the live chat translation feature to allow all agents to respond to chats in nearly every language.

For more information regarding Live Chat translation, refer to the KB article How To - Automatically Translate Live Chats Using Google's Language Translation Tool.

Online Help Translation

Customers who access the SmarterTrack customer service portal included with each installation may have questions regarding what they can and cannot accomplish via the portal--even if the portal has been effectively translated into their language of choice. This can sometimes cause needless support inquiries regarding simple tasks such as navigating the KB article, etc. SmarterTrack Online Help--including this page you are reading now--can be automatically translated into more than 60 languages in real time with full text and pop-up English versions easily available for reference.