SmarterTrack 7.x Help

Understanding Agent Status

One key factor in using SmarterTrack efficiently is understanding agent status. Each agent has a status of active or inactive. Active status indicates that the agent can be assigned tickets and/or live chats. An agent with an inactive status cannot be assigned tickets and/or live chats.

In order for a ticket or live chat to be assigned to an agent, the agent must be logged in to SmarterTrack and the agent's status must be set to receive tickets and/or live chats for the corresponding group. If all agents either are logged out or are not receiving tickets and/or live chats, the ticket or live chat will be directed to the queue. For this reason, training agents to check their status upon logging in or prior to logging out is critical to the company's success.

For more information about agent status, see Agent Status. For information about how organizations can monitor the status of their agents, see the KB article How To - Monitor Agent Status.