SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Call Logs Overview

SmarterTrack's call logging feature provides agents with the ability to track customer service and sales calls. By requiring agents to track their phone conversations, companies can help to eliminate calls from falling through the cracks and reduce the number of unresolved customer issues. In addition, managers can use call logs and their associated reports to determine the number of calls answered or placed per agent or group over a period of time, to determine how much of an agent's workload is dedicated to calls, or to identify common phone complaints and their resolutions.

To access your call logs, click the call logs icon. Depending on the role you are assigned, My Call Logs or Global Call Logs will load.

For help understanding the different areas of the call logs section, see the call logs diagram.

Navigating SmarterTrack's Call Logs Interface

My Call Logs vs. Global Call Logs

The My Call Logs section organizes all of the call logs for which an agent is responsible. When an agent accesses My Call Logs by clicking on it in the navigation pane, all active call logs for the agent will load in the content pane. My Call Logs also gives agents the ability to see any inactive logs that they have previously had with end users.

In addition, the My Call Logs section organizes logs by group. That means that every group the agent is active in will be listed and the agent can drill down into each group to see their active and inactive call logs.

Administrators and managers who are members of multiple groups may want to view active and/or inactive call logs for those groups those groups to better evaluate the actual needs of the organization or to gain valuable insight into company operations. To view all call logs in SmarterTrack, an agent, manager or administrator MUST be a member of all groups within SmarterTrack. At the very least, they need to be members of multiple groups in order to see call logs for those groups. Once this is done, they simply click Global Call Logs in the navigation pane.

Regardless of whether you're accessing My Call Logs or Global Call Logs, all active and inactive logs in the system will load in the content pane when you open the respective call log section. In general, the following columns will be available, though you can modify which columns appear, as well as the column widths, as needed, using the View menu:

    • Checkbox - Use these boxes to select multiple call logs. Call logs must be selected before choosing an action from any toolbar.
    • Subject - An agent-generated phrase that usually describes the call log. Very long subject phrases are truncated.
    • Phone - The phone number of the caller.
    • Group - The group that is assigned to this call log.
    • Start Date - The date and time the call started.
    • End Date - The date and time the call ended.
    • Duration - The length of the call.
    • Agent - The agent who handled the call.

    Performing Call Log Actions

    In general, the following options are available from the content pane toolbar:

    • New - Creates a new call log.
    • Actions - Click this button and select the appropriate option to transfer a call log or select all call logs.
      • Select All - Selects all call logs.
      • Transfer - Transfer the selected call log(s) to another group or agent. For more information, see Transferring Call Logs.
    • View - Click this button and select the appropriate option to choose the details that are displayed about a call log in the content pane.
      • Visible Fields - This option allows you to choose which columns are displayed in the navigation pane. You are also able to set the column widths for each item that displays, allowing you to conform your content pane to fit any standard screen resolution. Each column has a default width specified, but these defaults can be modified as needed.
    • Delete - Deletes the selected call log(s). For more information on deleted call logs, see Deleting Call Logs.