SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

How SmarterTrack Works

There are two main components that work together within SmarterTrack: the Web interface and the database backend. Both components must be active for SmarterTrack to operate.

Web Interface

The Web interface is a website that is used for administration and interactivity with SmarterTrack. It is divided into two components: the management interface and the portal interface. Administrators use the management interface to set up departments and establish permissions for agents. Agents use the management interface to respond to and manage tickets and chats. Customers can also use the portal interface to retrieve ticket information, submit new tickets and chats, or search Knowledge Base articles.

SmarterTrack Communicator

SmarterTrack Communicator is a SIP-compliant softphone that works with all major SIP-compliant VoIP phone servers. SmarterTrack Communicator is a licensed add-on and is configurable from within SmarterTrack. Therefore, all settings, profiles and agent information is pushed to whatever desktop or laptop an agent logs into. SmarterTrack Communicator includes the ability to transfer calls, automatically creates call logs, displays incoming and outgoing call information, can record calls for later review, offers complete call analtyics and allows businesses to keep all customer communciation (tickets, live chats and call information) in one location.

Database Backend

SmarterTrack needs a database to store data. For SmarterTools customers using Hosted SmarterTrack, the database backend is installed on servers managed by SmarterTools. For more information regarding the database backend requirements, see Setting Up the Database.