SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Deleting Instant Messenger Conversations

On occasion, an agent or administrator may need to delete an instant messenger conversation from the system. Note: Only inactive IMs can be deleted.

To delete a IM conversation, simply select the desired IM conversation(s) in the content pane. Then click Delete in the content pane toolbar.

When a IM conversation is deleted, it will be moved to the Deleted Items area of the Instant Messenger section. To view deleted chats, click Deleted Items in the navigation pane. A list of deleted IM conversations will load in the content pane. For information on any of the available options, see Instant Messenger Overview.

Undeleting Instant Messenger Conversations

Didn't mean to delete a IM conversation? Agents can retrieve deleted IM conversations from Deleted Items as long as the system hasn't been purged yet. Just click Deleted Items in the navigation pane and select the desired IM conversation(s). Then click the Delete menu in the content pane toolbar and click Undelete. Note: Your administrator can permanently remove the IM conversations in Deleted Items at any time without warning, so don't delete chats if you might want them later. After the system purges any items marked for deletion, you can't retrieve the deleted IM conversations.