SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Logging in to SmarterTrack

SmarterTrack's Web interface is divided into two components: the management interface and the portal interface. Administrators use the management interface to set up departments and establish permissions for agents. Agents use the management interface to respond to and manage tickets and chats. Customers can also use the portal interface to retrieve ticket information, submit new tickets and chats, or search knowledge base articles.

Logging in to the Portal Interface

Customers, agents, and administrators can login to the portal interface via the portal website URL, which can be obtained from the SmarterTrack administrator. To log in to the portal, type the username and password in the appropriate fields and click Login.

Logging in to the Management Interface

Agents and/or administrators will need to obtain the link to the management interface login page from their SmarterTrack administrator. Alternatively, they can access this link from the Web portal. To log in to the management interface from the Web portal, click the Login button on the portal and enter the username and password in the appropriate fields and click Login. Then, from the user dropdown, select MManagement Interface. Note: Agents and/or administrators that wish to access the management interface may need to re-enter their login credentials, even if they are already logged in to the portal.

Logging in from Mobile Devices

Agents on-the-go have two options for accessing SmarterTrack from tablet computers, smartphones or other mobile devices:

  1. Use their mobile browser to navigate to their help desk installation just as they do at their desktop computer. Both the management and portal interfaces are optimized for mobile devices like the iPad and Android tablets with support for scrolling and gestures and easy to click buttons. Plus, SmarterTrack seamlessly integrates with other mobile apps, allowing remote employees to provide customer service, sales or support as efficiently as they do from the office computer.
  2. Connect via the mobile interface at http://[yourSmarterTrackUrl]/m. Designed to meet the needs of smartphone users, the mobile interface allows agents to respond to tickets and live chats on most smartphones, including the iPhone, Android, new BlackBerry devices and Windows Phones. Note: The mobile interface is only available to users of SmarterTrack Enterprise.