SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.


SmarterTrack offers several default templates that can be used for call logs, live chats and tickets. While these will accommodate most users of SmarterTrack, some companies may want to gather information that is not recorded in these default templates. Therefore, custom fields definitions can be used to define the additional information a company may need and then these fields can be added to tickets, live chats, advanced searches, reports, and system settings.

Templates are used to define which custom fields are available to customers through tickets and live chats. To view a list of templates currently in use by the system, click the settings icon. Then expand the System Settings and Custom Fields folders and click Templates in the navigation pane. A list of templates will load in the content pane.

The following options are available from the cpmtemt [ame toolbar:

  • New - Creates a new template.
  • Edit - Allows the administrator to make changes to a template.
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the selected search template(s).

To view the details for a specific template, simply double-click the template. The template details will load in the content window and the following tabs will be available:


Use this tab to edit the following setting:

  • Display Name - The name of the template.

Field Definitions

Use this tab to add existing field definitions to this template. For more information, see the Field Definitions section of the online help. When adding or editing field definitions to a template, the following options are available:

  • Custom Field - The custom field to be added to the template.
  • Display Name - The text displayed to customers and/or agents that describes the custom field.
  • Visibility - To specify whether the field definition is available to users, agents, or both, choose the appropriate option from the list.
  • Required by users - Checking this box will require users to complete this custom field.
  • Required for agents to respond to tickets - Checking this box will require agents to complete this custom field before sending a ticket response.
  • Required for agents to close tickets - Checking this box will require agents to complete this custom field before closing a ticket.
  • Show in communication view - Checking this box means that custom fields will appear in an agent's compose window when submitting tickets to SmarterTrack. Custom fields will appear once the agent has selected the group the ticket is submitted to, or the group that is sending the ticket to the customer.