SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Supported Languages

With support for nearly 60 different languages, SmarterTrack makes it easy to communicate with customers on a global level. Setting up language support for SmarterTrack is a multi-step process. For detailed instructions, please refer to the KB article How To Set Up SmarterTrack to Support Multiple Languages. Use the Supported Languages section to create language support for translatable strings. For more information, see Translatable Strings.

To access the Supported Languages section, click the settings icon. Then expand System Settings and Globalization and click Supported Languages in the navigation pane. A list of currently supported languages will load in the content pane.

The following columns are available:

  • Checkbox - Use these boxes to select multiple languages. Languages must be selected before choosing an action from the toolbar.
  • Language - The language name and dialect, if available.
  • Locale - The language and the geographic location in which the language or dialect is used.
  • Default - Indicates if the selected language is the default language.
  • Enabled - Indicates whether support for the selected language has been enabled.
  • Language Pack Exists - Indicates whether the language pack has been installed into SmarterTrack.

The following options are available from the actions toolbar:

  • New - Allows the administrator to designate a new supported language.
  • Edit - Allows the administrator to make changes to a supported language's settings.
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the selected supported language(s).

To edit the settings for a specific language, simply double-click the language. The supported language details will load in the content window.