SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Quality Control

SmarterTrack's quality control feature provides a method to ensure agents provide the required level of service to customers by allowing managers to review ticket responses as the response is sent to the customer. A practical use for this feature is when it is combined with a structured training program for new agents. Managers can review a high percentage of responses by new agents to ensure that the new agent is replying to the entire issue rather than a select subset of issues, that the spelling and grammar used are up to company standards and more. Of course, quality control can just as easily be used as part of a company's regular quality control measures. More seasoned agents may not require the same oversight as trainees, but oversight can still be administered to ensure the highest levels of customer service possible.

To access this section, click the settings icon. Then expand System Settings and Tickets and click Quality Control in the nagivation pane. A list of agents for whose ticket responses are monitored will load in the content pane.

To view the quality control settings for a specific agent, simply double-click the agent. The following quality control settings will be available:

  • Agent - The agent being monitored.
  • Forward To - The email address to which an agent's ticket responses are forwarded.
  • Frequency - The number of ticket replies copied to the manager(s). The number of copied replies is based on a ratio in which the formula is 1 ticket for every X replies where X is the number entered in this field. For example, if 5 is entered in the frequency field, 1 out of every 5 tickets will be copied to the manager.