SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Creating New Tasks

To create a new task, click the new item icon and then click Task. Alternatively, when in the Tasks section, you can click New in the preview pane toolbar. This will open a new task window that the agent will use to create the task.

The following fields will appear in the Options tab of the new task window:

  • Owned By - New tasks can either be owned by an Agent, so that the task is created for, and assigned to, a specific agent, or owned by a related item. When a task is "owned by" a related item, the agent creating the task can attach the task to a specific ticket, live chat or call log.
    • Agent - When a task is owned by an agent, the person creating the task can select a specific agent to assign the task to.
    • Related Item - When a task is owned by a related item, use this field to add in the ticket, live chat or call log number the task is to be associated with.
  • Subject - The title of the task.
  • Status - Select the status of the task. Generally, an agent will want to mark a new task as In Progress. For more information on tasks status, see the Tasks Overview.
  • Priority - Select the priority level of the task. By default, tasks are set to normal priority.
  • Start Date/Time - The date and time the agent should start the task.
  • Due Date/Time - The date and time the agent should have the task completed.
  • Original Estimate - When a task is created, the agent can add an estimated time it will take to complete the task in minutes, hours, days or weeks.
  • Remaining Estimate - Adjusting the remaining estimate gives managers a better understanding of how much time is still needed to complete the task.
  • Reminder - Select when to receive a reminder about an upcoming task. For example, if the agent selects 10 minutes, a reminder will pop up 10 minutes before the task is due.
  • Reminder - Agents have the ability to set a reminder when the task is coming due.

There are two other tabs available in the new task window:

  • Description - Allows an agent to type in any description or notes, status updates, records of discussions, ideas, thoughts and more regarding the task.
  • Categories - Allows an agent to assign tasks to any master categories that are available.

The following options are available in the toolbar of the ticket response window:

  • Save - Click to create the task.