SmarterTrack 9.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Chatting with Visitors

On occasion, an agent may want to chat with a website or portal visitor. There are various reasons why initiating a chat with a visitor might be beneficial. For example, an agent evaluation the Who's On summary may notice that the pages viewed by the visitor indicate an interest in a specific product or service the company offers. By inviting the customer to chat, the agent has the opportunity to answer questions in real time and can even push additional resources to the customer. When used in conjunction with live chat, Who's On can help increase conversions and expedite customer service.

To initiate a live chat with a customer, select the customer. Then click the Actions menu and select the appropriate option:

  • Invite to Live Chat - Sends a live chat invitation to the visitor.
  • Force to Live Chat - Opens a live chat with the visitor. Note: This option bypasses the invitation stage of the chat process--it does not force the visitor to participate in the chat. The visitor may close the chat box without responding.

Agents can also initiate a live chat from the density map by clicking on a pin and clicking Invite to Live Chat.

For more information about live chat, see Live Chats Overview.

Pushing Additional Resources to Visitors

On occasion, an agent may want to provide a visitor with additional resources, such as a Web page or KB article. For example, a realty agency may use this feature to provide additional property information or alternative properties to site visitors as they browse. For information about how to push pages, see Viewing Live Chats.