SmarterMail 2.x Help

Manage Spool

The information in Manage Spool pertains to the messages held by the SmarterMail server pending delivery. The email spool (which stands for "Simultaneous Peripheral Operations OnLine") is a list of emails, in order of when they are created, that are available for the server to send or deliver locally. SmarterMail is multi-threaded, therefore if a message can not process out of the queue SmarterMail simply moves on to the next message until the maximum number of threads that are designated in the administrative configurations are in use. Administrators can use the information here to adjust threads and resources to allocate for concurrent messages.

Messages enter and leave the spool fairly quickly. In fact, some pass through so quickly that they will not display in the spool. Most messages in the spool are displayed because they are large, have many recipients, or are having trouble being sent to their final destination.

Choose an Action - If an action from this drop down is chosen, the checked messages in the spool will have the action performed on them. See below for a description of each possible action.

Max Rows - Change this to limit the maximum number of messages that show on this page. The spool can sometimes get very large. At the bottom of the table, you can see how many visible and total messages there are.

Sort By - Sorting can assist you in finding particular messages in the spool. Choose a sort option and click the Refresh button to update the view.

Refresh - Click this button to update the page with the most recent contents of the spool

File Name - The filename on the hard disk. Click on the filename to view the message.

Sender - The email address that initially sent the email

Time in Spool - This indicates the total amount of time the message has been in the spool

Attempts - The number of delivery attempts that have been made

Next Attempt - The date and time of the next delivery attempt

Recipients - Shows how many delivered/total recipients there are for the message. Clicking on the value will open the recipients detail page, which is explained more below

Status - Contains the current status of the message

Size - The total size of the message on the hard drive, in kilobytes

Choose an Action Pull-Down

Items in the spool must be checked before actions will work on them. Click on the checkbox in the table header for a quick method of selecting all or none of the items.

Delete Selected Messages - Deletes messages from the spool that you have checked. No confirmation dialog will show up, so use caution when deleting from the spool

Force Selected Messages - Forces immediate delivery of the checked messages

Delete All Messages - Deletes all messages in the spool, effectively clearing it. No confirmation dialog will show up, so use caution when deleting from the spool


This pop-up window shows the current delivery status of a message. Messages are sent one recipient at a time.