SmarterMail 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Domain Bandwidth Report

The Domain Bandwidth Report will assist you in identifying those users that are using too much bandwidth. This is especially important in hosted scenarios, when billing may depend upon not exceeding bandwidth limits.

Note: This report may or may not be enabled for your domain, depending on the selections made by the system administrator.

Start / End Date - Choose the date range on which you wish to report. The dates are inclusive.

Sort By - Choose a method to sort the data.

Generate Report - Click this button to calculate and show the report.


Once generated, the report will show the following items:

  • Username / Email Address - The account that received or sent messages.
  • Bytes Received - The bandwidth in kilobytes accumulated from incoming email messages, regardless of content filtering.
  • Bytes Sent - The bandwidth accumulated from outgoing messages, including auto-responders.
  • Messages Received - A count of all incoming messages, regardless of content filtering.
  • Messages Sent - the number of outgoing messages, including auto-responders.


  • If you see "Other Addresses" appear in your stats, it indicates messages sent to or from a catch-all account.
  • Email address that come in through aliases then forwarded to a local user will not show up as incoming for that user, but rather as incoming under the Alias Statistics.
  • Email accounts with forwarding will show the forwarded mails as Sent Messages.