SmarterMail 4.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

My Auto Responder

The auto-responder is an automated message that will be sent as a reply to all incoming email messages. Many people use auto-responders as vacation messages or confirmations of receipt of the message.


Enable Auto-Responder - This check-box allows you to quickly turn the auto-responder on or off. If the auto-responder is disabled, the Auto-Responder Message tab will not be enabled.

Limit responses to one per day per sender - This will ensure that an email address only receives your auto-responder once per day, even if they send you multiple messages. If you disable this option, every email a particular address sends to will get responded to. It is HIGHLY recommended that you keep this option turned on to avoid the potential of your email address, your domain, or even potentially your entire mail server from becoming blacklisted by an ISP.

Auto-Responder Message

Note: This tab will only be enabled if the auto-responder is enabled.

Subject - Enter a subject for your auto-responder (e.g. Vacation).

HTML or Plain Text - Determine whether you want to compose your auto-responder in plain text or HTML.

Body - Enter a body, or text that you would like to include in the automatic response, for example, "I am on vacation in Hawaii, and will not have access to a computer until Monday."