SmarterMail Help


This settings page is only available to Domain Administrators.

EAS is the industry standard for synchronizing mobile devices to SmarterMail, in addition to some desktop email clients. It uses direct push technology to sync email and collaboration items to variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows Mail, which ships as part of Windows 10.

If a Domain Administrator is given the ability to manage EAS mailboxes -- that is, add and remove EAS functionality for Accounts -- then this tab allows that Domain Administrator to do that. In addition, any mailbox with EAS added will appear here.


Once the tab loads, all Accounts that have EAS enabled are displayed. Domain Administrators can either Enable EAS for an Account, or, by selecting one or more accounts in the list, Disable EAS. Columns diplayed include:

  • Account - The Account username.
  • Name - The friendly name of the Account.
  • Last Login - The most recent login date for the account using the EAS protocol.

Add EAS to an Account

To add EAS functionality to an account, click Enable. A small modal window will open and you simply need to add the Username for the account requiring EAS. Then click Save.