SmarterMail 14.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Log Settings

System administrators can use this section to manage how logs are written and how much detail is included in SmarterMail's logs.

To access the log settings, click the settings icon and click Log Settings in the navigation pane. The log settings will load in the content pane and the following tabs will be available:

Log Files

Use this tab to specify the following settings:

  • Log Path - The default location for the Logs that email messages in SmarterMail produce. If you would like to change the default location, enter a new path here.
  • Compress Log Files After - The number of days after which log files are automatically compressed. This preserves existing log files but also saves server space.
  • Delete Log Files After - The number of days after which log files are automatically deleted.
    • Enabled - Select this option to allow log files to be deleted after a specific number of days.

Log Detail Levels

Use this tab to specify how detailed the logs should be:

  • Exceptions Only - Small size logs that record only errors.
  • Normal - Medium size logs that record most activity taken on the mail server.
  • Detailed - Very detailed logs that can get very large. Only enable this option when asked to by SmarterTools Support, or when troubleshooting server operations.

Note: More detailed logs require more disk space. If you choose a detailed log, you may want to enable the auto-delete setting on the Log Files tab.

System administrators can apply these settings to the following log file types:

  • ActiveSync - The log level for Exchange ActiveSync connections.
  • Administrative - The log level for for any changes and/or modifications made by system administrator accounts.
  • Delivery - The log level for message delivery and spool operations.
  • Events - The log level for event sessions.
  • EWS - The log level for Exchange Web Services sessions.
  • IMAP - The log level for IMAP sessions.
  • IMAP Retrieval - The log level for IMAP retrieval sessions.
  • Indexing - The log level for SmarterMail indexing.
  • LDAP - The log level for LDAP sessions.
  • Mailbox Importing - The log level for data imported during mailbox migrations.
  • Maintenance - The log level for maintenance tasks performed by SmarterMail.
  • Message-ID - The log level for logging Message-ID's of all messages sent to mailing lists.
  • POP - The log level for POP sessions.
  • POP Retrieval - The log level for POP retrieval sessions.
  • SMTP - The log level for SMTP sessions.
  • SycnML - The log level for SyncML sessions.
  • WebDAV - The log level for CalDav and CardDav sessions.

Note: By default, SmarterMail sets all log detail levels to exceptions only.