SmarterStats 10.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Scheduled Email Reports

This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only

The Enterprise edition of SmarterStats has the ability to email standard and custom reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

  • Daily email reports are sent at 8:00 AM the next day.
  • Weekly email reports are sent at 8:00 AM every Monday.
  • Monthly email reports are sent at 8:00 AM of the first day of the month.

The reports are generated and sent by SmarterStats according to the time zone configured for that particular site. This gives the Web server a solid opportunity to flush all log files out and allows the system to import the previous day's log file before generating the report. Note: The time zone is configured during the initial site setup, but can be changed by logging in as the site administrator and editing the site importing settings. In addition, system administrators have the ability to change the default time that reports are sent after.

For instructions on how to schedule an email report, please refer to the KB article Create a Scheduled Email Report. Note: Email reports are only sent if there is data available in the report. Blank reports are not sent so if no data is available a scheduled email will not be sent.

To see which reports are scheduled to be emailed, click the settings icon. Then expand the My Settings folder and click Scheduled Email Reports in the navigation pane. A list of scheduled email reports will load in the content pane and the following options will be available in the content pane toolbar:

  • New - Creates a new scheduled email report.
  • Edit - Edits the email options for the report.
  • Actions - Click this button and choose the appropriate option to send the selected email report(s) immediately.
  • Delete - Permanently removes the selected report(s) from the emailed reports list.