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Outbound Gateway

Gateway servers allow you to reduce the load on your primary server by using a secondary server to process outbound mail. Gateway servers can also be used to combat blacklisting. If the gateway server gets blacklisted, simply rotate the primary IP on the network card to a different one to send out on the new IP.

When accessing Gateways / Failover, the Outbound tab will be highlighted, by default. If any outbound gateways have already been created, they will be displayed here. Otherwise, this page will be blank.

To add a new outbound gateway, click the New button. When adding or editing an entry, the following settings will be available:


  • Server Address - The IP address or hostname of the gateway server.
  • Port - The port used to connect to the gateway server.
  • Encryption - Select the type of encryption from the list.
  • Status - The status of the outbound gateway. To temporarily turn off the outbound gateway, select Disable from the list.
  • Type - This sets the behavior of the gateway: it will either "Round Robin", meaning that when multiple gateways are configured, domains will use one then use the next to send mail, cycling through each gateway, or it's possible to set up a gateway to be used by "Specific Domains". When a gateway is set up to be used by Specific Domains, the gateway is selected FOR the domains when the domains are being set up. (Or, it's possible to set the gateway for a domain after it's been set up.)
  • Enable Authentication - Enable this setting if your outbound gateway server requires authentication. Then enter the Auth Username and Password below.
  • Auth Username - The authorized username of the gateway server.
  • Auth Password - The corresponding password for the authorized username.

SmarterMail Gateway

This is used to display Spool Count on the Outbound Gateway grid.

  • Enable SmarterMail gateway mode - Enable this setting to indicate that the outbound gateway server is another SmarterMail server.
  • SmarterMail URL - The webmail URL for the SmarterMail server being used as an outbound gateway. This will allow the use of web services to verify the users and domains. (NOTE: SmarterMail uses a cache of the domains and users on a server, so if there are any changes (e.g., additions, modifications like enabling/disabling users or domains, or deletions) these changes may not be reflected for up to 10 minutes until the cache is refreshed.)
  • SmarterMail Username - The system admininstrator used to login to the primary mail server.
  • SmarterMail Password - The corresponding password used to login to the primary mail server.