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Custom Reports

This feature is only available in SmarterStats Enterprise.

Most of the report items display only one type of statistic pulled from the site's log files. For example, the only purpose of the Top Pages report is to identify the most popular Web pages on your site. It provides no additional information or analysis. With custom reports, statistics from multiple report items can be combined to give site administrators and users a comprehensive analysis of your website.

To access the custom reports, click the Custom Reports icon. A list of custom reports will load in the navigation pane and the following options will be available in the navigation pane toolbar:

  • New - Creates a new custom report.
  • Actions (…) - Click this button and choose the appropriate option to select all reports or delete the selected report(s).

By default, SmarterStats includes the following custom reports, which you can modify to meet your unique needs:

  • CEO Overview - The CEO report is designed to give the chief executive officer an overview of the website statistics and reports used by the other employees in the organization (such as top pages, referring sites, browsers and traffic trends).
  • Marketing - The marketing report is a useful tool for an individual in marketing to make informed decisions about search engine marketing campaigns, as well as to see the impact a banner advertising or showcase advertising campaign has on website traffic and/or sales. This report shows which search engines provide the most referring traffic, and which keywords and phrases are pointing users to their site. Using this report, site administrators and users can target specific entry pages in their advertising campaigns, judge which campaigns are most effective, or even compare the statistics returned by SmarterStats with the statistics given by the sites featuring the advertising.
  • Search Engine - The search engine report contains the report items relevant to analyzing and determining a site's presence and prominence on any search engine.
  • Site Activity - The site activity report is designed to give you a snapshot of the activity on your website. The report includes statistics relating to views and visits, bandwidth, entry and exit pages, browsers, platforms, IP information, and visitor details.
  • Site Usage - The site usage report is designed to give the user a complete and thorough look at bandwidth usage from every angle. Using this report, a site owner can see what files are responsible for the highest bandwidth usage and act accordingly (optimize, etc.).
  • Site User - The site user report displays information about the users that are visiting your site, such as browsers, platforms, IPs (by views/visits, hits, bandwidth), and recent visitor stats and details.
  • Webmaster - The webmaster report gives the webmaster a look at the browsers and platforms connecting to the site, along with any errors (404, 500, etc.) that may happen. Additionally, the top documents and downloads by views/visits and top entry pages will be displayed. The webmaster can then target obvious or potential trouble spots on a site, optimize pages and/or graphics, or work in cooperation with a SEO or marketing specialist to help drive traffic to particular pages.

Viewing Custom Reports

Because custom reports may include an unlimited number of report items, some may take a while to load. To view a custom report, select the desired report from the navigation pane. The report will load in the content pane and the following options will be available in the content pane toolbar:

  • Generate Report - Processes the report data and loads the custom report in the content pane.
  • Edit - Edits the custom report settings.
  • Delete - Permanently removes the report from the list of custom reports.
  • Email - Sends a copy of the custom report to the desired recipient(s).
  • Export - Exports the report in CSV or PDF format.
  • Print - Prints the report.