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Email Settings

This feature is only available to site administrators using SmarterStats Enterprise.

Site administrators can use this section to customize how SmarterStats sends scheduled email reports. To use the default values set by your system administrator, leave the options on this page blank.

To access this section, click the Settings icon. Then click Email Settings in the navigation pane. The email settings will load in the content pane and the following options will be available.

  • From Address - The email address from which reports will be sent.
  • From Display Name - The friendly name that emails sent from SmarterStats will show as being sent from.
  • SMTP Server - The mail server that will be used to email reports. Note: If you wish to use a port other than 25 for your SMTP Server, include it after the server name or IP with a colon. For example, if your mail server is, and it listens on port 10000, use as the server name.
  • SMTP Security - Select the proper option that matches the security used by your server. (None, Enable SSL or Enable TLS.)
  • SMTP Server Port - The port number that should be used when sending email through SMTP. In most cases, the SMTP server port is 25.
  • Enable SMTP Authentication - Select this option if SMTP authentication is required to send mail from this email address.
  • Auth Username - The identifier used to authenticate with the SMTP server. In some cases, this may be the full email address of the account.
  • Password - The corresponding password used to authenticate with the SMTP server. Then confirm the password by re-entering it.