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Views per Visit

This report displays the correlation between the number of page views and the number of visits made during the specified date range.

If you visit a site multiple times (regardless of the timeframe between visits), your IP is still counted as a single visit. However, the different pages you access during your various visits are counted individually as different views. Therefore, one visit can account for one, 10, or a 1,000 different views. As way of explanation, say you have 200 visits that generate 50 views. This means that 200 different IPs have all viewed 50 pages each.

As a general rule-of-thumb, if you have the highest number of visitors only viewing a single page, run the Top Entry Pages report and identify ways to carry visitors to other areas of your site.

Note: This report can be added as a report item to a custom report. For more information on report items, refer to Understanding Report Items.

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