SmarterStats 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Result Codes

Various result codes exist that can be returned by a server when a user requests a web site resource. This report item shows the most common codes being returned by your site. Codes are grouped according to the list below:

  • 200-level codes - Indicate a successful return of data. 2xx codes are good.
  • 300-level codes - Indicate that the browser was redirected to another site resource. 3xx codes do not usually indicate a problem.
  • 400-level codes - Indicate that a resource was either not found, or denied for some reason. If you get many 4xx codes, it may be worth investigating the cause.
  • 500-level codes - Indicate that an error occurred while responding to the request. If you get many 5xx codes, it may be worth investigating the cause.

Terms Used

Hits - A hit represents a request to your web site for a file such as an image, a web page, or a CGI script. One web page may contain several related resources, and as a result, a visitor viewing one web page may trigger several hits. Hits generated as a result of an error (either a 400 or 500 level error) are not counted as actual hits to your site, and are kept separate from successful hits.

Result Code - Result codes are returned by your web server, and indicate whether or not resources were successfully downloaded from your web site. Large numbers of 404 errors, for example, may indicate a problem with your web site links.