SmarterStats 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Webmaster Report

The webmaster report will give the webmaster a look at the browsers and platforms connecting to the site, along with any errors (404, 500, etc.) that may happen. Additionally, the top documents and downloads by views/visits and top entry pages will be displayed. The webmaster can then target obvious or potential trouble spots on a site, optimize pages and/or graphics, or work in cooperation with a Search Engine or Marketing specialist to help drive traffic to particular pages. As this is a Standard Report and is comprised of a variety of different Report Items, you may notice it take a bit longer to display than each individual Report Item due to the different queries being run against the data available.

The webmaster report contains the following report items:

Terms Used

Bandwidth - Bandwidth represents the total number of kilobytes that were sent to people visiting your site. Bandwidth includes all resources requested by the users.

Browser - Browser represents the program the web site visitor used to view your web site. Some typical browsers are Internet Explorer (IE), FireFox, and Opera.

Entry Page - The entry page is the first page a web site visitor goes to during a visit

Extension - The extension represents the type of file hit by a web site request.

File - Any and all file extensions that were viewed, visited, hit or downloaded from a particular website.

Hits - A hit represents a request to your web site for a file such as an image, a web page, or a CGI script. One web page may contain several related resources, and as a result, a visitor viewing one web page may trigger several hits. Hits generated as a result of an error (either a 400 or 500 level error) are not counted as actual hits to your site, and are kept separate from successful hits.

Page Views - A page view is a successful request for a file on your web site that is considered to be a page. These usually mean files with extensions such as .txt, .asp, .aspx, .php, etc. Views generated as a result of an error (either a 400 or 500 level error) are not counted as actual views for your site, and are kept separate from successful views.

Platform - Platform represents the operating system that the web site visitor is using. Some typical platforms are Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, and Mac OSX.

Result Code - Result codes are returned by your web server, and indicate whether or not resources were successfully downloaded from your web site. Large numbers of 404 errors, for example, may indicate a problem with your web site links.

Visits - Visits represent the total number of times people have visited your web site. A visit is counted whenever a web site user requests one or more files from the web server. If the user becomes idle for more than a certain amount of time (usually 20 minutes), a new visit is generated when they come back.