SmarterStats 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Managing Servers

This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only

The Manage Servers menu option shows a list of the servers on which the SmarterStats service is installed. Various functions are available on the Manage Servers page, which can be invoked by clicking on the [action] menu.

Editing a Server

Click on the name of a server to edit it, or choose Edit Server from the [action] menu. Use this function to account for changes within an organization's infrastructure.

  • Server ID - This field uniquely identifies the server and is uneditable
  • Server IP - The IP address of the server
  • Server Name - A friendly name for the server, used only for display purposes

Server Information

Click on the [action] menu and choose Server Info to get to the Server Information page, which displays a listing of the sites on that particular server, the Friendly Name for the sites, and the Status of the log files for the sites. Available actions on this page appear below:

  • Run Diagnostics - Runs various checks to ensure that no data files have been corrupted on the server.
  • Reprocess all sites on server - The "Reprocess" button will cause all log file data to be reprocessed (taking into account time zones or data exclusions) for all sites on the server. Unlike reimporting, reprocessing does not require your original log files.
  • Reimport all sites on server - The "Reimport" button will cause all log files associated with domains on the server to be reimported, from the earliest log file to the latest. Important Note: All Smarter logs will be deleted and then recreated from the original web server log files. If any of the original log files have been deleted, their data will be lost upon reimport. We suggest only using this feature when directed to by SmarterTools support.
  • Restart Service -Restarts the SmarterStats service on the server
  • Refresh - This button will refresh the page and show any updated information.

Deleting a Server

To delete a server, click on the delete link next to it

As long as there were no sites inside SmarterStats that belong to the server you want to delete, the deletion will proceed without generating an error. If there is even one site still associated with the server you are trying to delete, SmarterStats will notify you of this. You will need to delete the site first, then proceed with the server deletion.