SmarterStats 3.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.


SmarterStats supports an easy to use method of skinning that will allow you to co-brand SmarterStats to look more like your corporate identity. This page allows you to upload new skins or set the currently active skin.

Upload Skin - Click here to upload a new skin archive to be installed in SmarterStats. More information can be found below.

Set Active Skin - To set the currently active skin, click on the row of the skin you want to enable.

Delete link - Use this link to permanently remove a skin from your SmarterStats installation. The "_default" skin may not be deleted.

Uploading a Skin

File to Upload - Browse to the zip archive that contains the skin. For more information about skinning in SmarterStats, please refer to the skinning guide.

Upload and Install - Click here to send your skin to the server to be processed.