SmarterStats 6.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Understanding Report Items

SmarterStats breaks down various aspects of your website traffic into individual report items, which are considered to be the backbone of the SmarterStats application. Most of these report items display only one type of statistic pulled from the site's log files and typically contain a single table of information and a chart (when applicable). Examples include Top Pages, Referring Sites, Weekday Averages, Keyword Positions, and Google PageRank Trends.

Standard reports combine various report items into a comprehensive report that can be used to analyze different aspects of your website traffic. Examples include the Search Engine, Site Activity, and Marketing reports. For more information on standard reports, refer to the Standard Reports page in the Help for End Users folder of the SmarterStats Online Help.

Custom reports are user-created reports that combine an unlimited number of report items into a single, comprehensive report to meet your business needs. For more information on custom reports, refer to the Custom Reports page in the Site Reports or SEO Reports folders of the SmarterStats Online Help.