SmarterStats 6.x Help
This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Professional Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

SmarterStats Professional Edition has all of the features you need in a complete Web log analytics and SEO solution. SmarterStats Enterprise Edition offers additional features, including:

  • Measures websites on Windows and/or Linux servers
  • Custom and emailed reports
  • Up to 30,000 websites per SmarterStats installation
  • Reports across distributed networks on a virtually unlimited number of servers
  • Automated diagnostics
  • Propagation of settings across distributed networks

Which Edition is Right for Me?

To determine whether SmarterStats Professional or SmarterStats Enterprise is right for your environment, answer the following questions:

  • Are your sites hosted on more than one server?
  • Will you be expanding your number of servers and/or sites?
  • Do you require custom reporting?
  • Are you going to report on more than 2,500 websites?
  • Do you want to have reports distributed automatically via email to selected addresses?
  • Will your environment benefit from automated diagnostics to enhance up-time performance?

If your response to any of the questions above was “Yes,” then SmarterStats Enterprise may be right for you.

For further assistance choosing the right edition, please contact the SmarterTools Sales Department via live chat, email or call us toll-free at 1-877-35-SMART.

You can also refer to the following edition comparison chart for more information about each edition.

SmarterStats Edition Comparison

Features Free1 Pro Enterprise
Allows for multiple sites per server  
Distributed analysis across multiple servers    
Web Interface
More than 15 languages available
Web 2.0 interface using optimized AJAX
Separation of human and spider/bot traffic data
Data mining
Standard reports (CEO, search engine, webmaster, etc.)
Server activity reports
9 SEO report items
18 spider report items
24 geographic report items (includes city breakdown)
50 visitor report items (includes server utilization breakdown)
Dual axis charting
Filter sets (exclude and/or include data in reports)
Page aliases
Data drill down available from report items
Define report favorites and custom reports  
Scheduled and on-demand email reports  
Geographic mapping
Custom data ranges
Time-zone specific reporting
Customizable chart views
Export reports to CSV and tab formats
Clickable URLs in report tables
Search Engine Optimization
SEO campaigns
Keyword suggestion tool
SEO campaigns
Administration from a Web browser
Getting Started wizard
Custom skinning
Review and download log files from interface
Mass propagation of settings for servers
Mass propagation of settings for sites
User impersonation
Import site settings directly from IIS
Requires no database backend
Standalone Web server included
Optional IIS integration
Easy site setup
Background processing
Automation with Web services
Architecture and Log Files
Support for the most common log formats
Import from multiple log sources
Automated site diagnostics
Compressed SmarterLog files
Low-impact log processing
Log file exporting
Dynamic page support
IP and directory exclusions
Distributed log analysis—FTP, UNC, and SAMBA
Distributed log analysis—Remote agent    

1SmarterStats Free Edition contains much of the same functionality as SmarterStats Enterprise Edition, but is limited to a single site and the number of SEO keywords and competitors tracked in SEO campaigns is limited to a maximum of 10 keywords and 10 competitors. This is to give you an opportunity to try all of the features out before making a decision on what product to purchase.