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Creating Custom Reports

This feature is only available in SmarterStats Enterprise.

To create a new custom report, click the Custom Reports icon, then click on Manage Custom Reports in the navigation pane. From here, click New in the content pane.

Note: Filter sets can not be applied to custom Trend Reports, even if the Filter Set is marked as a default filter. This is because Trend Reports don't offer the same display of data as Summary Reports. To exclude data from custom Trend Reports, it's best to create a secondary site and apply Log Processing Rules to that sub-site.

When editing or creating a custom report, the following configuration tabs are available:

Custom Report

Use this tab to specify the following options:

  • Name - The name of the custom report.

Report Items

Use this tab to specify which report items to include in the custom report:
  • Report Item - The specific report item to be added to the custom report. Note: Depending on the report item selected, some of the options listed below may not be available.
  • Name - The name of the report item. This defaults to the name given by SmarterStats for the report item selected, but can be changed.
  • Date Range - The time period for which report item data is collected.
  • Rows - The number of rows that should display for this report item in the custom report.
  • Sort By - The sort order of the data. Numerical values (like bandwidth, views, etc.) will be sorted in descending order when selected.
  • Chart - To specify a specific chart type, select the appropriate option from the list. Note: 3D charts will use the perspective selected in My Settings.
  • Values - The values that will be charted. Note: If you have chosen pie as the chart type, only Value 1 will be used.
  • Filter Set - The filter set that will be applied to the report item. Note: Filter sets cannot be applied to Trend report items.

Note: To add a report item to the report, click the Report Items tab and click Add Item in the toolbar.