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What is SmarterStats?

SmarterStats is a full suite of business analytics tools that helps a business manage its online presence. For example, SmarterStats cost-effectively delivers accurate and detailed website statistics and web log analytics for websites on Windows and Linux web servers. In addition, web developers can use the Site Tuning features to help find issues with how a website is constructed, identify issues such as broken links or multiple redirects, or other issues that can adversely affect how a site is indexed and spidered by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and even international search engines. Finally, Data Mining allows webmasters, marketers and site owners to dig deep into single page analytics to view things like search phrases used, query items and more.

SmarterStats is an ideal platform for any sized business, from a single site running on a single server to tens of thousands of sites across a fully-distributed, multi-platform network. SmarterStats supports numerous log file types such as Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache on Windows and Linux Web servers. The unique methodology with which SmarterStats interprets and converts log files reduces disk space utilization up to 85% while creating an ideal platform for reporting statistics, data mining, site tuning and search engine optimization reporting.

Professional vs. Enterprise Editions

SmarterStats Professional is built and priced for companies or individuals who support one or more sites on a single server. It includes virtually the same feature-set as the Enterprise version of the product without the support for a distributed environment.

SmarterStats Enterprise is built for companies such as medium to large web hosts, internet service providers, corporations or various other enterprise-level organizations running a distributed network. Using a single web interface plus a Windows service that is installed on each log-generating server, the functionality of SmarterStats Enterprise is optimally distributed across your network to provide advanced features for system administrators and end users alike. This results in fewer software licenses and a reduction in hardware costs associated with additional servers. SmarterStats Enterprise can reduce the number of reporting servers 30-to-1 over competing products.

Finally, SmarterStats Enterprise provides industry-standard web services that allow easy integration into external applications. This means that the vast majority of management tasks associated with providing log analysis (adding or deleting sites and users, etc.) can be fully automated. This drastically reduces the cost of ownership for system administrators. Because of this, SmarterStats is the log analytics package of choice for some of the largest companies in the world.