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Entry Files

This report displays the top entry files (the first files downloaded by a visitor during a visit to your website) for the selected date range. Depending on the optimization of the site or the scripting used, any file extension can be the first file that loads. However, image files are often listed as the top entry files, as there are various scripts that enable image files to load in a browser prior to an actual page displaying.

This report is most useful to designers and developers. If the initial files are images or other files that can be larger in size, it is a good indication that designers may want to optimize those files to keep page load times as fast as possible.

Each row returned in this report can be further analyzed by SmarterStats. By moving your mouse over a row, a down arrow appears at the end of the row containing the Page name. The options available when clicking on this arrow include: Data Mining, Open URL, Set Page Alias and View Details.

  • Data Mining - Data mining allows site administrators and users to drill down into more detail about the item in the particular row. For example, viewing the referring URLs, bandwidth used, query strings and more. For more information, see the Data Mining overview.
  • Open URL - Opens the item in a new window.
  • Set Page Alias - Allows users to set a friendly name for sometimes complex Page URLs. For example, if a Page shows up as "/smartertools/products/smarterstats/pricing.aspx", users can instead attach the alias of "SmarterStats Pricing". That way, any report items that reference that page URL will display "SmarterStats Pricing" instead of the URL itself. This feature is especially useful when using query variables, which can have cryptic or numerical variables such as ProductID=37. For more information, see the Page Alias overview.
  • View Details - Displays a number of details about the specific item. For example, Traffic details, Performance results, any result codes returned (e.g., 404 errors) or any Site Tuning issues that are found.

Note: This report can be added as a report item to a custom report. For more information on report items, refer to Understanding Report Items.

For a definition of the terms listed on this page, please refer to the Glossary.