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IP Addresses

This report displays information about the IP addresses that accessed your website during the selected date range. The IPs are listed in descending order based on the number of page views generated by the IP. This report can prove useful if, for example, your site is under attack. Seeing an IP that counts for a large number of visits can help you determine who your attacker is (or at least his proxy). The IP address can then be handed off to a Server Administrator or security team to assist with mitigating the attack.

Each row returned in this report can be further analyzed by SmarterStats. By hovering your mouse over a row, a down arrow appears at the end of the row. The options available when clicking on this arrow include: Data Mining and View Details.

  • Data Mining - Data mining allows site administrators and users to drill down into more detail about the item in the particular row, including the top files and paths from IP addresses. For more information, see the Data Mining overview.
  • View Details - Displays a number of details about the specific item, including DNS resolution and statistics.

Note: This report can be added as a report item to a custom report. For more information on report items, refer to Understanding Report Items.

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