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Export Logs

Site administrators have the ability to export processed log files into a single compressed file that contains the daily logs for the specified date range. Logs can be exported in any log file format, regardless of the original web server that initially created the log files. This means that, even if your site is hosted on a Windows server running IIS, you will be able to export your log files in an Apache format.

To export log files, click the Settings icon. Then click Export Logs in the navigation pane. The export settings will load in the content pane:

  • Start Date - Enter the start date for the desired date range of logs that should be exported.
  • End Date - Enter the end date for the desired date range of logs that should be exported.
  • Output Type - Select the log file format desired for the exported logs. Available options are IIS - W3Cex Log Format, IIS - Microsoft IIS Log Format, IIS - NCSA Common Log Format, Apache - Common Log Format, Apache - NCSA Extended Log Format, IPlanet - Common Log Format and Other - Common Log Format.

Use the Begin Export button in the content pane toolbar to export the site log files. When the export has completed, click Download to download a zipped, local copy.

Note: Cookies are not maintained in SmarterLogs; if this information is needed by the end user, they will need to maintain a backup of the original log files. SmarterLogs does keep the first cookie used in a session, but does not keep the subsequent cookies.