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Memory Usage

The Memory Usage section provides valuable information regarding each Web server running the SmarterStats remote service, the status of the server, and information pertaining to the sites that cause the highest usage of server resources for the SmarterStats application.

To access this section, click the Settings icon. Then, click Memory Usage in the navigation pane. A list of servers will load and the following columns will be available:

  • Server Name - The common name for each Web server running the SmarterStats service as it was named during the time the server was added to the Web interface.
  • Status - The status of the SmarterStats service on that particular web server. If an error occurred while communicating with the service, it will show up in red text.
  • High/Current/Low - The highest amount of memory used (in MB), the current amount of memory being used, and the lowest amount of memory used for stats processing on that server.
  • High Site - The website that used the most memory on that server.
  • Queries - The number of queries running on the server at that time.