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Account Settings

To edit your personal settings, click the Settings icon. Then click Account Settings in the navigation pane. The account settings will load in the content pane and the following tabs will be available:


Use this tab to edit the following user settings:

  • Username - The name used to log into SmarterStats.
  • Email Address - The full email address that's associated with the user.
  • New Password - To change the current password, type in the new password the user wants to use to log into SmarterStats.
  • Confirm Password - Re-type the new password the user wants to use to log into SmarterStats. Note: To successfully change the password, be sure the text typed into this field matches the text typed into the New Password field.
  • Theme - This dropdown allows a user to select either a light or dark theme.

Report Options

Use this tab to edit the following report settings for reports and report items:

  • Default Date Range - The default date range for which statistics are calculated upon login.
  • Default Report Rows - The default number of rows in each table of a report or report item.
  • Enable IP address resolution - Select this option to resolve all IP addresses that show up in reports to their host names. Note: Enabling this feature will increase the amount of time it takes to render report items with IP addresses. System administrators may limit the number of resolutions performed per report item.
  • Show percentage indicators in report columns - Select this option to display percentages next to the data in report columns.
  • Generate reports automatically on page load - Select this option to automatically generate reports when they are selected. Enabling this option will make navigating SmarterStats slower, but will reduce the amount of clicking you have to do to see reports.