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Understanding Who's On

When referring to websites, we often use terms like "virtual storefront" and "shopping cart" to describe the way customers interact with our sites and our business in general. But real brick and mortar businesses have an advantage over online businesses in that they can see what customers are doing in real-time as they interact with store displays, products, and employees. In these real stores, service people can see when a customer is confused by options and step in to answer questions and provide advice quickly, and then assist with the final transaction, in real time. Previously, internet businesses have only had analytics to tell them about such interactions in the virtual world. Web analytics - although exceptionally useful - usually only tell you what has happened in the past, perhaps after the customer has already left your site. Using Who's On brings real-time customer interactions to the online environment.

The Virtual Shop

Think of Who's On as real-time analytics, where employees/service agents can see a customer's progress through the site, regardless of whether that customer is only finding information or proceeding though the sales path to a completed transaction. The Who's On features in SmarterTrack allow you to virtually follow that customer from page to page, seeing where they spend the most time and what pages they go back to. It also allows you to notice and report on dozens of items about that customer.

Use with Live Chat to Increase Sales

When used with SmarterTrack's included live chat feature, Who's On can help increase conversions and expedite customer service. Imagine that an agent notices a customer returning again and again to a specific page on the site. This could indicate that they need more information on that topic or are not finding what they are looking for. Agents can "virtually approach" these customers and offer help, additional resources and advice. If a potential customer is "stuck" on an ordering page, agents can assist in the finalizing of the transaction in a friendly, unobtrusive way.