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Management Interface

Administrators will use this section to configure settings that affect the management interface of SmarterTrack, including basic settings, color scheme and CSS modifications.

To access this section, log into the management interface with an administrator account. Then click on the Settings icon. In the Configuration area of the navigation pane, click on Management Interface. The settings will load in the content pane and the following tabs will be available:


Use this tab to edit the following settings:

  • SmarterTrack Base URL - The URL for the SmarterTrack portal.
  • Enable simultaneous login to the portal and management interface - Checking this box means that when an Agent logs in to the Portal, they're automatically logged in to the Management Interface. This saves the Agent from having to log in to both separately. However, there may be times when they'll need to log in to each side -- the customer Portal and the Management Interface -- as different users. For example, testing Role permissions for the KB system, etc. When this is necessary, this setting will need to be disabled so that an Agent can log in to the Portal with one account, but still be able to log in to the Management Interface with their own account so they can work on tickets, etc. By default, this setting is disabled. (Alternatively, an agent can open a different browser and use that as a testing platform, with their primary browser (e.g., Brave) being their Agent login, and the alternate browser (e.g., Edge) used for a User login.)
  • Enable automatic time log creation - Checking this box will allow time logs to be automatically calculated and created for call logs, tickets and live chats when the agents who owns the call log, ticket or live chat has it open for at least one minute.
  • Login Background - Use this option to select the background image(s) that displays on your login screen. Use the default images that come with SmarterTrack or a solid color background.
  • Knowledge Base Articles and Canned Replies Stale After - The number of days before KB articles and Canned Replies become "stale". Stale articles are still available but should probably be reviewed for accuracy and relevance. After an article is reviewed, the reviewing Agent simply needs to uncheck the Stale box and the stale date for that article resets. By default, articles are stale after 365 days.