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Viewing Organizations

To view an organization, simply click on it in the content pane. This will load the organization details in the preview pane. If you would rather view the organization in a popup window, double-click the organization instead. Note: Double-clicking an organization also enables you to edit it.

SmarterTrack Organizations

In general, the following options are available from the preview pane toolbar:

  • Edit - Allows the agent or administrator to modify the selected organization.
  • Members - Allows the agent or administrator to add, edit or delete filters for the organization.
  • Add - Allows you to add items to the particular Organization:
    • Comment - Add a comment about a particular Organization that's available to other agents and managers, but NOT available to the general public.
    • New Call Log - Creates a new call log with the user's email address in the Email field.

Tabs within an Organization Preview

An organization's details are organized within the following tabs:

  • Details - This tab shows the information added when the Organization was initially created.
  • Members - This shows the "filters" used to add Members to the Organization.
  • Comments - If a comment has been added about the Organization, it will appear here. In addition, a number appears showing the how many comments have been made about the Organization. If there is no number, then the Organization doesn't have any comments.
  • Tickets - This tab lists the tickets that are associated with members of the Organization.
  • Call Logs - This tab lists the call logs that are associated with members of the Organization.
  • Live Chats - This tab lists the live chats that are associated with members of the Organization.
  • Surveys - This tab lists the surveys that were submitted from members of the Organization.
  • Forms - This tab lists the forms that were sent to members of the Organization.