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Automation with Web Services

SmarterTrack was built with custom configuration and integration in mind. In addition to being able to customize the look and feel of SmarterTrack, developers and/or system administrators have the ability to code to the SmarterTrack application using eeb services. These Web services allow developers and/or system administrators to automate a variety of different actions, giving them the ability to add tickets to SmarterTrack on-the-fly, add notes, create users and more.

Web services are intended for use by high-volume and automated business environments and hosting companies as they develop procedures to manage their SmarterTrack system and workflow. In addition, the API Documentation assumes a basic understanding of web service technologies and ASP.NET programming.

Note: The SmarterTrack Web Services documentation may include services that have not been released to the public yet or are not available in the version you are using.