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Deleting Tickets

The ability to delete a ticket is determined by role permissions. By default, agents cannot delete tickets, so a manager would need to change role permissions to grant an agent, or group, the ability to delete. For more information, see Roles.

To delete a ticket, simply select the desired ticket(s) in the content pane. Then click the Delete from the Action menu in the content pane toolbar. Alternatively, agents can delete a ticket they are currently viewing by clicking Delete in the preview pane toolbar. Regardless of the method used, when an agent deletes a ticket they are presented with a confirmation dialog. Once a ticket is deleted, it is no longer available for review or action and will eventually be purged from the system. Note: Deleted items are purged from the system every 90 days. Items purged from SmarterTrack are no longer indexed and will not return as results when using Advanced Search. Any deleted tickets that have not yet been purged are marked in the database with a status of "Closed and Locked”.