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Users / Organizations Overview

The Users / Organizations section allows agents to view all customer communication in one convenient location. Users (those who use SmarterTrack to submit the inquiries, issues and comments that agents work on) can be viewed individually to see their profile information, statistics of their contact with your agents, communication via tickets, live chats and calls, survey history and more.

Multiple users can also be grouped together into an Organization that displays all of the tickets, live chats, call logs, and surveys associated with its users. This is convenient for when more than one person from the same company is in contact with your business. For example, two users may be working together to complete a purchase. One of them will decide which product is needed; the other will complete the purchase. When the purchaser calls in to complete the transaction, rather than searching through all tickets, live chats and calls, the agent can simply look at their Organization to see the communications between other agents and representatives from the caller's organization.

To access the users and organizations, log into SmarterTrack as an agent and select Users / Organizations in the Navigator. By default, a list of all configured users will load in the content pane.

Navigating Users

Just like with agents, users can be assigned specific roles. By default, SmarterTrack offers three roles for users: Everyone, Registered User, and Registered User with Verified Email. Each role comes with a certain set of permissions, and administrators can create additional roles that can be applied to users. For example, an administrator may create a "Moderator" role that gives users moderate permissions for the Community. This role can then be given to specific users who actively participate and help others in your company's SmarterTrack Community.

As a result, when first accessing the Users / Organization area, the initial Everyone role is selected by default. As the name implies, this role is given to every user that's added to SmarterTrack, either through registration on the Portal or by some other means. To change the roles that are displayed in the content pane, simply select a different role.

In general, the following rows are available in the content pane when viewing the list of users:

  • Display Name - The "friendly" name of the user.
  • Username - The name used by the user to log in to the Portal.
  • Last Login - The date and time in which the user last logged into SmarterTrack. For example, the last time they logged in to start a ticket, participate in the community, etc.

Navigating Organizations

In general, the following columns are available in the content pane when viewing organizations:

  • Organization Name - The name of the organization.
  • Website - The website associated to the organization.
  • Phone Number - The phone number that is associated to the organization.

Performing User / Organization Actions

In general, the following actions are available from the content pane toolbar:

  • Search - Allows an agent to do a basic search of users or organizations.
  • Sort - Allows agents to sort the list of Users or Organizations based on specific pieces of information, such as email address, website, etc.
  • Send Verification Email - For Users only, this allows an agent to send a verification email to the user. Once verified, the user's role can be changed to "Registered User with Verified Email".
  • Delete - Deletes the selected users or organizations. For more information, see Deleting Users and Deleting Organizations.