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Creating New Tasks

SmarterTrack's task management feature provides agents with an easy method to track business tasks and complete them on time. Agents can create new tasks to organize their time, assign tasks to other agents and schedule tasks that regularly take place. To create a new task, click New in the Navigator and then select Task from the dropdown. The following tabs are available in the new task window:


  • Owned By - Tasks can either be owned by an Agent or a Related Item. For tasks to be owned by a related item, the task must be created FROM the ticket, live chat or call log by selecting the item and clicking Add > Task. The task will then be listed on the Related Items tab of the ticket, live chat or call log. In the Tasks section, the related item number will be shown when editing the task.
    • Agent - When a task is owned by an agent, the person creating the task can select a specific agent to assign the task to.
  • Subject - The title of the task.
  • Status - Select the status of the task. Generally, an agent will want to mark a new task as In Progress. For more information on tasks status, see the Tasks Overview.
  • Priority - Select the priority level of the task. By default, tasks are set to normal priority.
  • Start Date/Time - The date and time the agent should start the task.
  • Due Date/Time - The date and time the agent should have the task completed.
  • Original Estimate - When a task is created, the agent can add an estimated time it will take to complete the task in minutes, hours, days or weeks.
  • Remaining Estimate - Adjusting the remaining estimate gives managers a better understanding of how much time is still needed to complete the task.
  • Reminder - Select when to receive a reminder about an upcoming task. For example, if the agent selects 10 minutes, a reminder will pop up 10 minutes before the task is due.


  • Description - Allows an agent to type in any description or notes, status updates, records of discussions, ideas, thoughts and more regarding the task.