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Understanding Single Sign-On

Rather than asking customers to use a different set of credentials to log into your support portal, automatically log in customers using the same credentials they use on other websites. Single Sign-On (SSO) allows the login credentials on an external site to be shared with the SmarterTrack portal, so navigation between your website and portal remains seamless.

SmarterTrack's implementation of Single Sign-On uses the login external provider to create users and manage logins. This allows a user account on your primary site ( to apply to the SmarterTrack portal ( For example, if a user created an account on your website that allowed them to purchase items in the shopping cart, that username and password, along with any applicable account details, are carried over to the SmarterTrack portal.

For more information on implementing Single Sign-On, see the KB article Configure Single Sign-On Between SmarterTrack and Another Site.