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Database Options

These settings are not available to those using Hosted SmarterTrack.

SmarterTrack needs a database to store data. This includes your ticket data, chat data, KB articles and more. SmarterTools customers using an installed version of the software can run SmarterTrack with any of the database servers listed below.

Setting up the database is part of the overall installation process. If you're using Microsoft SQL, SmarterTrack will prompt you to automatically create a SQL database if it does not already exist prior to the table creation process. If a Microsoft SQL database is already present, that can be chosen in place of creating a new one. However, if you're using MySQL or a variant, the database will need to be set up FIRST, and then you will be asked to connect the SmarterTrack installation to the MySQL database you've created. Then SmarterTrack will connect to the database and populate the necessary tables.

Microsoft SQL Server (Express, Web, Standard, or Enterprise)

Microsoft SQL Server is the recommended database to use for SmarterTrack. Express Edition is available at no cost and will support the vast majority of SmarterTrack customers. For those needing advanced services or large amounts of database storage, Web, Standard or Enterprise Editions are recommended. For best performance, it is recommended to use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or later. If possible, use of 64-bit is also recommended.

For more information or to download SQL Server, please see:

For best results, when downloading and installing SQL Server, choose the Database With Tools download and install Management Studio Express with the database.


MySQL can be used as a back-end database for SmarterTrack. MySQL Community Server can be freely downloaded and used for most customers. For those needing advanced service and support, or who have larger installations, MySQL offers a number of paid editions. Users should choose the version of MySQL that best fits their particular installation and usage scenarios. The 64-bit versions of MySQL 5.5 or later are strongly recommended.

In addition to the standard version of MySQL, variants such as MariaDB can be used as well. MariaDB is an open source variant of MySQL that was created by, and is maintained by, the original developers of MySQL.

For more information or to download MySQL, please see:

Additional Information

For step-by-step instructions and more information regarding the database backend, please refer to the KB articles Set Up the SmarterTrack Database on a Dedicated Server or Set Up the Database for Shared Hosting.