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Moderating Knowledge Base Feedback

Knowledge base feedback can be a useful tool for companies that want to promote community on their portal and gather feedback on the content of an article. Article feedback can include helpful tips, questions about steps outlined in an article, suggestions for improving articles and more.

To eliminate spammy feedback left on articles, administrators may choose to moderate a user's feedback prior to it being published to the article. When moderation of feedback is enabled and a portal visitor leaves feedback on an article, their feedback is not immediately visible to the public. Until a moderator approves it, the comment is only visible to the user who created it. If this setting is enabled in a brand's Permissions settings, agents and administrators can review feedback left on articles and even reply to the user or delete the comment.

Knowledge base moderation can take place in the management interface or at the portal. To view unapproved feedback, click on the Knowledge Base icon. Then click on Moderation in the navigation pane. A list of articles with unapproved feedback will load in the content pane.

To moderate user feedback, select Moderation in the navigation pane. Any article that has feedback requiring moderation will appear in the content pane. Select the article from the list, then click the Feedback tab on the article itself. The feedback will display in the preview pane. Clicking on the Actions icon within the feedback itself offers the following options:

  • Edit - Modifies the feedback.
  • Open KB Article - Loads the knowledge base article in a popup window.
  • Approve - Approves the selected feedback. Approving feedback makes it visible to the public.
  • Block - Blocks the selected feedback. When feedback is blocked, it will not be visible to the public. In addition, the portal visitor will be blacklisted from providing any future feedback on articles.
  • Delete - Deletes the feedback.
  • Close - Closes the feedback without performing any other action on it.

Reviewing Feedback Flagged as Abusive

When a portal visitor flags customer feedback as abusive, that feedback is no longer visible to the portal visitor. To view abusive feedback, click the knowledge base icon, expand Moderation in the navigation pane and click on the Abuse tab. A list of feedback flagged as abusive will display in the content pane. Just as they do with unapproved feedback, moderators have the ability to approve, edit or block customer feedback flagged as abusive.

Viewing Blocked Feedback

When a moderator blocks feedback, it is no longer visible to anyone in the portal. However, moderators can view any blocked feedback by clicking the knowledge base icon, expanding Moderation in the navigation pane and clicking on the Blocked tab. A list of blocked feedback will display in the content pane. Just as they do with unapproved feedback, moderators have the ability to approve or edit feedback that is blocked.

Note: Moderators can sort blocked feedback to identify portal visitors that are continually posting offensive, spammy or off-topic feedback and use that information to block the offending IP address from providing feedback in the future.