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Browser Notifications

We understand that many SmarterTrack agents do not work in the management interface 100% of their day. To accommodate this, SmarterTrack utilizes browser notifications in order to alert agents of standard activity within the site. For example, when browser notifications are enabled and you are logged into the SmarterTrack management or portal interface, SmarterTrack will send a pop-up browser notification for many scenarios, including when:

  • A ticket is automatically assigned to you via round-robin.
  • A ticket is transferred to you by another agent.
  • A live chat is in the Queue.
  • A live chat is assigned to you.

When a notification appears, simply click the browser notification and you'll open the ticket or go to the chat, regardless of the browser you're using or the application you were currently in.

Enable Browser Notifications

Browser notification permissions are managed within the browser itself. If you're using a new browser or haven't previously set the notification permissions, you will be prompted to allow this functionality when a browser notification is triggered for your account. Keep in mind that clearing your browser cookies will make SmarterTrack request this permission again. For steps on manually enabling or unblocking browser notifications, it's best to review the support documentation of your preferred browser. However, for steps on enabling browser notifications for some common browsers, you can review the knowledge base article,
Unblock / Allow Browser Notifications in SmarterTrack.