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Viewing Canned Replies

To view a canned reply, simply click a canned reply and it will display in the preview pane. If you would rather view the canned reply in a popup window, double-click the canned reply instead. Note: Double-clicking a canned reply also enables you to edit the canned reply.

In general, the following options are available from the preview pane toolbar:

  • Save - Edits the selected canned reply.
  • Delete - Deletes the selected canned reply. For more information, see Deleting Canned Replies.

Tabs within a Canned Reply

Canned reply information is organized within the following tabs:

  • Compose - The text of the knowledge base article.
  • Options - This tab includes the language used for the reply as well as where the reply can be used within SmarterTrack.
  • History - This tab includes all information pertaining to the article, including creation date, modified date, and the number of unique views and hits.