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Understanding Live Chat

SmarterTrack's live chat feature gives businesses the ability to reduce phone calls, capture information on website visitors and assist more customers concurrently. A more cost-effective service channel than telephone calls, live chat maximizes resources by supporting concurrent sessions. Instead of handling one call at a time, your customer service agents can manage several chats at once thereby utilizing their time more efficiently.

Live chat is also an easy and effective way to generate sales. By providing your website visitors the opportunity to ask questions before, during and after the buying process, your agents can explain product options, cross-sell and upsell orders.

Real-time Typing

SmarterTrack's live chat feature not only shows agents when a customer is typing but what they are typing as well. Agents can use live chat's real-time customer typing feature to ensure speedy and accurate responses by preparing a response ahead of time or looking up relevant resources while the customer is typing.

Coaching and Co-chat

SmarterTrack's coaching and co-chat features allow organizations to facilitate training and ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your agents. For example, managers can proactively address issues by monitoring live chats in real time and offer assistance when needed - either by coaching an agent while they are engaged in a live chat or by participating simultaneously with the agent.

Other agents can participate in the chat as well, adding their own solutions or clarifications alongside the owner of the chat.

Live Chat Translation

Businesses with multilingual agents can automatically route live chats in different languages to the appropriate agent by assigning languages to departments. Businesses that do not have multilingual agents can use the live chat translation feature to allow all agents to respond to chats in nearly every language.

For more information regarding live chat translation, refer to the KB article Automatically Translate Live Chats.