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SmarterTrack Help

Welcome to the SmarterTrack Online Help!

SmarterTrack is a powerful help desk application built for tracking, managing, and reporting on customer communications. In the navigation pane to the left, you will find a "Table of Contents" that will take you to various pages that will help you use SmarterTrack more effectively. At the top of each page, there are links that will:

  • Take you to the SmarterTools Community
  • Take you to the SmarterTools Knowledge Base
  • Allow you to search the help documentation
  • Print the page you're on
  • Open a Google Translate version of help so you can translate the documentation into a new language, or
  • Open a PDF version of the help documentation that you can download to your local machine.

If you need assistance beyond what's available in this documentation, please review the self-help resources and paid support options found at the SmarterTools Support Portal.