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Getting Started

Below are some helpful links to sections of help to get you started. These

If you're not quite to the point of getting SmarterTrack installed, that's okay: the links below can still be useful, and reviewed prior to getting things all set up. If you're unsure about installing SmarterTrack, that's okay too: SmarterTools offers complimentary installation of any new license purchase! You should have seen that as an option when you placed your order but if not, just email us at and we can help get you scheduled. In addition, SmarterTools offers paid training to help get you on your way to expert mail server management.

Installing SmarterTrack

Installing SmarterTrack is a relatively simple process. However, we do offer a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process, from installing the application to walking through the setup wizard.

Basic Concepts

Once you get SmarterTrack installed, it helps to familiarize yourself with the concepts around the various features it has to offer. Below are a few things to get you started.

SmarterTrack Organization

SmarterTrack is organized in a top-down structure: You start with a Brand, then add in Departments, then Groups for each Department. Then you add Employees, or Agents, to the Groups. And each Employee you add can have various Roles.

Configuration Items

Once installed and set up, SmarterTrack pre-populates some information to help get you started: A news item, an initial ticket, etc. However, there are some things you'll want to get set up prior to making your help desk live.

Logging In

Once you get SmarterTrack initially configured, you're logged in to the interface -- either the Portal or the Management Interface -- automatically. However, after that you and your Agents will need to log in again. In addition, it's good to understand Agent Availability, know what the Dashboards do, etc.


Tickets are the lifeblood of any help desk as they're the primary way employees interact with customers. Tickets can be submitted via the Portal, via email, or a combination of both. Each ticket is logged and tracked for easy reporting as well.

Live Chat

After email and tickets, live chat is probably the most common way customers interact with a company. Live chat is the ideal way employees can help customers in real-time. Chats are also logged and tracked for easy reporting.


SmarterTrack gives users a few self-help options, such as an extensive Knowledgebase and a user-to-user Community. However, employees have resources as well, including the ability to use the knowledge base or canned replies for easy, quick access to information.